Restructuring Twenty Two Alchemy

Restructuring Twenty Two Alchemy

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Twenty two alchemy is no longer a digital media business.

We are artists.
When I first created the company it was more of an escape route than a supportive business. I was looking to move out of California and away from the cannabis start up I’d spent so many hours grinding to build. It wasn’t my passion and I was ready to build something to scratch my own itch.

Enter Twenty Two Alchemy

I freelanced with the company I worked with prior to going into business for myself, for 6 months. Maybe less.
When the pandemic struck I lost them as a client. And I brought on a partner. Colleen is my bestie, and former coworker at the cannabis start up I worked at. She is the perfect cofounder.
For awhile, we approached business as a marketing and branding consultancy. But we discovered that it wasn’t what we wanted to do.
We could do it but it takes us further away from our blueprint. We love start ups and we enjoy helping build infrastructure for people to launch their ideas.
We also like to work on other projects. And having the freedom to move at the pace that feels best is important.

Pivoting toward art

Discovering my own artistry has taken awhile. Expressing art is sensitive and novel. Culture doesn’t breed many artists. But for me expressing myself fully is as important as breathing and without it I am not whole.
I don’t like to box myself into narrow hallways. I like to move freely in every which way.