Potion Website Builder Is The Real Deal

Potion Website Builder Is The Real Deal

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Aug 3, 2021
Potion is a powerful tool. It's a website builder that plugs into notion. Turning my notion docs into beautiful websites that can be as simple or creative as I like. With potion I can add CSS styling and make it look nothing like a notion doc or I can keep it simple and make basic edits, where my page gets pointed to a custom domain and is expressed online.
I like notion because it's a tool that is easy to use and it provides a stimulating way to store notes, photos, and thoughts with my phone. I say stimulating because it's an experience I find myself wanting to do more and more.
After getting Potion setup with my laptop I'm able to make live website updates with my phone. I like the experience of working on my website from my phone. From 2016-18, I lived in a camper van and I relied heavily on my phone as a sort of nexus of information. To be able to build and maintain most of my website all from my phone is extremely convenient.
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Potion Is Great For Digital Nomads

In addition to living in a camper van for two years I now own a camper van rental company. I find myself thinking about ways to provide additional value in the vanlife community. I believe bringing awareness to the ease of potion to the #vanlife community would be helpful.
Many vanlifers are makers and creators. Potion gives them a place to host their content and inform their audience.

Websites > Social Profile

In the past, while working in cannabis and now being apart of the developing crypto industry, censorship on social media is a challenge.
One day you have a profile with an audience on social media and the next it's gone. The game is unstable and biased. Tilted toward the Corporate Elites and out of favor of my neighbors.
I used to get mad when the Instagram and fakebook accounts I was managing were banned or removed. I was Marketing Manager for a licensed Cannabis Delivery Service and I spent years battling the invisible social media wall. It was a lateral loop, let me tell you. And there are better ways forward.
These acts of censorship are what led to my interest in crypto, decentralization, and becoming a developer. I felt tiny. I felt like a victim. I didn't like how it felt to play a game wrapped in political dogma.
Instagram and Facebook, social media rather, are like a invisible war-field for certain industries. It's a field where in cannabis marketers report other competitor posts and accounts in hopes that they get taken down. And often enough they do.
How often do you consider the shadow side of regulated growth?
Websites in a web 2.0 world aren't a perfect censorship resistant solution. Websites still get ghosted. But at some point we have to bridge the old and the new. And personal websites allow us to have a voice online to some capacity.
That's a lot of words to say I'm not a big fan of centralized social media sites. Not for maintaining a community anyway. I would much rather invest time and energy into a website. Create a telegram channel. And develop a community from grassroots word-of-mouth... By the way. Isn't organic SEO the internet version of word-of-mouth communication? Because for me it is. And I think that's a solid community-building approach. Write about your passion. Build a website around it. And grow community with tools you own...Or tools you build.

This post is getting away from me.

In truth. When I sat down to write this post I was going to tell you about my idea to use potion to create a new written form of entertainment. Due to the nature of how potion interacts with notion, I can create a semi-live writing or website building experience. How cool would it be to tune in to your favorite writer blogging away their morning thoughts? Maybe they invite their audience to watch a live writing of a chapter they are working on.
To some this will sound wildly boring and not creative at all. But to me. There is a beauty in it. There is a beauty for the writer and for the audience. Feel free not to judge anybody's experience outside of your own. And as a suggestion, by not judging your own life you will embody a much freer experience.
This mornings post is funny. My mind is surfing a few waves. I started in one direction and moved in another. But at the end of the day, I am shilling potion and it doesn't matter what route you choose. Potion is fun, creative, and useful.
I used Potion to build this website on Notion. Use my affiliate link to get started and help support my art.