Potion Is The Perfect Tool For Vanlifers Wanting To Blog

Potion Is The Perfect Tool For Vanlifers Wanting To Blog

May 7, 2021 01:26 AM
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Are you a vanlifer or a digital nomad? I have the perfect tech stack for you to amplify your vision

Instead of building a clunky Wordpress site or making one that requires you to update it with a desktop, use Potion.
I’m lying in the back of my Subaru typing this post on my iPhone, as the day comes to a close. A few days ago I transformed the back of my car into a tiny bedroom and storage closet so that I have a place to live while I collaborate on my start up projects in California, and wherever else they take me.
If I’m being completely transparent, which is my desire, you’d know that this isn’t my preferred way to be making and building. I’m an introvert. I love my shell and I don’t leave it often. Now that I’m in the car full time it turns my shell into a mobile one. In fact, this time around living in a vehicle feels like a lesson to teach me that nothing is outside of myself, and that I have to be the focus, the home, and everything under the sun. I am the harmony and the energy that enables my being to build websites and design workflows to play with...even when inside a car.
Using Potion overlaying Notion.so I am able to create this blog post using nothing but a cell phone, all while lying in the back of my car. Potion enables a fun and cool way to build in public. But even beyond that I see value for vanlifers and other social media influencers using this Notion + Potion stack to build powerful websites that keep their audience coming back.
Doesn’t it sound like a better idea to own your content and the platform your community is interacting with? This 🧪 potion stack enables something magical like that.
This is my first night sleeping in the car. I have done it a few times in the past, but not recently. I packed really light so I could optimize for a better sleeping and “chilling” space. Again, I’m a crab who loves a shell. It’s important for me to optimize for certain little quarks, so I’m able to successfully feel at home in this tiny, mobile-space.
Tonight, I wanted to test what it would be like to write a post this way from my phone. It’s worked swimmingly. So far the only complaint that I have is that my neck is sore from sitting weird in the back of my car. Tomorrow I’ll sit in the front seat when I want to work from the road.
I love this game,

There is an affiliate link to potion.so in this post which enables me to earn a small commission when you decide to sign up.