Cricut Maker 3

Aug 12, 2021 08:54 PM
Alchemy Made
Dress Making

Twenty Two Alchemy recently purchased a Cricut Maker.

My biz partner and creative partner is making a dress. And the other day when I went to print a dragon it turns out it wasn't ideal for the kind of fabric being used. So we decided on a yin yang sign instead. When I went to print the sign I was having a difficult time in the designer. I managed to print a circle, but the yin yang license I purchased from Adobe stock wasn't working for me. I got frustrated. I stopped and am picking it up again.
This time Im slowing down and learning how to use it. Sort of - I watched this one video and learned how to use the designer. I found a paisley symbol and printed it.
Then I cut it out and my friend used the template to cut out her fabric. After that I helped find the location for her to sew it on and I dropped a pin in the middle. If the dress is off center it is my bad.
I'm vv excited about this though. The dress was sew by Pru. She reverse engineered a dress she liked and I got to help make the template for the yin yang thats going on the back. Pru is sewing the pattern on now. Stoked.
Check out these pictures from the creative process:
notion image
notion image
notion image
notion image
notion image
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