Vanlife Cafe uses Circle to offer a frictionless space for vanlifers and digital nomads to come together around common interests.

The simple 5-part framework for creating Vanlife Cafe with Circle

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Goals of VLC:
  • Instead of 1 to many, connect vanlifers with each other
  • Create a space where everyone can talk and build and barter together
  • Content to come from the cafe. We as Admins just facilitate discussions
Type of community:
We are looking at hybrid
Moving Notes:
  • Community enables opportunities to come to the source.
  • The people are the community. Honor the people
  • Keep community clean and beautiful
  • White-label the product
  • Use the analytics
  • Crate the right expectations
Example of a circle community:

Create belonging in the community. How can we create community?

Highlight the ones that feel best for VLC
  • Intros
    • videos can be fun
    • Intro new members into the cafe - light them up and tag them. Make it high touch and personal.
  • General discussion space
  • Host weekly/monthly expert Q&A's
  • Expert Q&A w/a twist. Make other members the expert to help other people.
  • Include a book club for members - read a book together and chat about it together every two weeks or once a month
  • Interest Groups
    • Let members create interest groups inside the community
  • Get feedback on projects, work, re-design, ideas
  • Create a knowledge base area
  • Exclusive deals and discounts
  • Weekly or monthly hot-seat
    • They jump in the hotseat and talk about a problem they're trying to solve. The rest of the group help them solve it. **** Super Valuable!
  • Create job board space where members can share work with one another
  • Let members offer their services - Who can we partner with?
  • Let community members share their wins - Great for Partners** (Show & Tell) Let partners show their camper van and what is working for them
  • Mentors/private groups
  • workshops
💡 Create a voice chat area on telegram

How to make circle easier

  1. Create simple on-boarding - Use loom to create tutorials that set expectation
  1. Weekly digest brings them back
  1. Let community tell you what they want. Keep it basic at first and then let the community guide the flow

The tools:

Must integrate and play well together
Founding Members:
first 30-100 members to create the space -
Photo slides:
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