Build Log 5-4-21

May 5, 2021 01:34 AM
I spent very little time in front of a computer today. I'm preparing to go on a road trip. I spent the morning with my family running errands and hanging out.
When I got home I started packing. I don't plan to bring very many items because I will be staying in my car and I don't know how long I will be gone. The only way to live in a car successfully is to make it a comfortable place to sleep and if I am carrying a bunch of stuff with me then I will have little room, which will hinder my ability to feel secure, comfortable, and at home in the space.
I'm not a huge fan of sleeping in the car. I enjoyed my van when I lived in it for a couple of years, but a car is a different experience. When I was in the van I thought it was hard because I couldn't stand all the way up. Now that I've downsized to a car I'm not able to sit fully up when the seats are lying down.
When I first moved into a camper van it took at least three months for me to feel comfortable, and it was even longer before the space I was living in felt like an actual home. The good news? It did feel like a home.
My plan for this road trip is to make the most of it. I don't want to drive more than 8hours at a time. On my last cross-country road trip I had one 18-hour straight push. And let me tell you, that is ridiculous and isn't something I'm proud of. I just get in a mood and keep moving forward. In truth, I am a huge crab and I like to stay in my shell. I'm not a very social animal. I like to work alone and entertain micro-sized parties. And by party, I mean I don't party. I have a few close friends.