Build Log 4-29-21

There is a tremendous amount of energy swirling in the field this morning. I had a difficult time going to sleep last night. There are a lot of exciting changes underway and when sitting at the tip of creation, it all moves through me. Energy is moving through my body and field at a rapid capacity.
I'm holding firm to nothing. Last week my gut was going crazy. My stomach was making a lot of noises and my appetite was weird. Some of you would prescribe cultural labels to the feels - but I recognize them as upgrades to my system...or rather, the system. There is no such thing as mine. There is, but not from the space I am speaking to you from. The Absolute resides beyond division.
I'm not interested in the play of duality. I am interested in allowing my whole blueprint to manifest during this time and space. I move in the subtleties and that doesn't always translate to an action that makes sense to anyone outside of myself. I put my own feelings and sensitivities at the top of the list. I love unconditionally and that starts from within. I've discovered that if I am not in harmony with the being inside, it's impossible to be in right relation with anybody else. The game begins and ends within our own perception.
The energy is fast but it doesn’t consume me.