Build Log 4-26-21

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Today has been a fun day of building. I've been working primarily on Simple Camper. I'm researching SEO opportunities and then I will write some blog posts. I didn't post as much as I'd like to last month. I was driving across the country and I was building the MVP of Vanlife Cafe. I work in cycles and the blog writing fell out of sync. Much like crypto, i'm creating better habits and simple dashboards that make it easy for me to stay in orbit with the expansion of crypto, and my own business self.
My stomach has been moody the last few days, so instead of shoving caffeine down my body I have largely taken today easy. I woke up and watered the grass and trees that we recently planted. There was a flurry of snow in the air, but that is Michigan for you in April. After watering the yard I made some tea, smoked a bowl and read a little Alan Watts. Then I startred moving in and out of work flows. I set up some meetings for later in the week and then I started diving into Simple Camper SEO. I've been in my dark, dungeon room all day and it's pretty nice.
Some days I desire for more movement and sunlight. But not today, the dark room is my jam.

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