Build Log 4-22-21

Build Log 4-22-21

Happy 22nd. And happy earth day
I signed up for the starter plan on Tweetsmap
  • I made some updates to the Simple Camper website this morning. Just basic edits. I added a newsletter sign up form and I generated a landing page to get new partner leads
I created a help center for simple camper using ! Now renters can access the help center if they ever have a question about the van.
Today has been productive in a different, subtle kind of way. I feel like I’m moving slow, but I’ve gained a lot of traction. I made a tutorial video for VLC and I am creating content for simple camper. I have a meeting with Jason in an hour. I’m looking forward to connecting and discussing business
I'm working on creating a newsletter. It will be a hybrid of original thought and curation. I plan on writing a book in public and I'm going to build an audience around it.