Build Log 4-19-21

Build Log 4-19-21

Morning Energy Drop
It's 12:04PM and I am just piecing together my build log for today. I woke up and got some coffee, moved into my flow which consisted of some reading, meditating, smoking cannabis, and moving in the subtleties. My mom stopped by for a few which is really my favorite part about being back in Michigan. I like how close in proximity I am to the place I was born, and the beings in my familial circle.
I'm a deep introvert. I like my time alone. It's where I self-source and nourish the parts of myself that help energize my being while I'm creating in the world. I am known for not staying in touch. It's not personal. I only allow capacity for the energy in the now to anchor my focus, and if you're not part of my focus in the now, I don't hold on to the strings forming our energetic connection.
My love isn't less or diminished, due to my illusory lack of physicalness in proximity to you. I love you and I feel you, but I do not hold your insecurities. I hold tightly to nothing. I walk in knowing that I am the energy of all that is. What does this mean? Well, it means more than these words and symbols can point out. Truth isn't learned, it is presence.

Night-time Energy Drop
Today, I orbited around a lot of differing ideas. I made progress in a couple important buckets. I worked on SEO and improving the experience of simple camper and I worked on some documentation. I listened to a lot of Alan Watts. I also absorbed a lot of Richard Heart streaming about pulsechain. It's cool to witness the creation of Pulsechain. It gives me the feeling of when Tanto talks about watching Richard originally build Hex. I see how invested in Hex Brian is. In the sense that he knows how to use the tool and he helps expand the on-ramping of new hexicans. I feel like there is an opportunity for me to step into helping and also to give myself a seat at the table.
I follow my gut. What feels good and fun? I receive an answer in the subtleties and I move toward it. Never holding to rigidity.

Notes from the day:

These links guided my curious to far away spaces. Come along, now.

I bought a yeti mic to record some tutorials and then I stumbled across this article that shows how to use the microphone with a mobile-device. This is clutch for digital nomads. I will be using this on the road and I will report a detailed review as time goes on.
Guide to building in public
Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon
Bitclout Whitepaper
How to think like a programmer - video
notion image
This is a picture of pacific coastal highway one that I from Unsplash.

Building in public quick notes:

I've been moving in and out of projects all day. I got a yeti mic soI could record a loom tutorial to help make on-boarding more intuitive for users while I figure out how to remove the lag time. 4:53 PM
There is lag time between sign-up and when you can access your unique member dashboard. I have the process automated between a few 3rd-party apps - webflow, circle, memberstack, and zapier to move data into the right places. I'm going to make a loom video that acts as an abstraction between the initial sign-up, to the member getting access to their full account. The lag only happens at sign-up, so it's not something the user has to deal with every time they log in. This is part of where I am at iterating the project.
I'm transitioning into Simple Camper and optimizing the website. There are some design updates that need tailored. I also need to figure out how to dive into the meta-data to update that on squarespace. 4:65PM
Simple Camper is a powerful product. It is my job to continually optimize the website to help people find it. Simple Camper helps current camper van owners the opportunity to earn monthly passive income on their van when they're not using it. We manage the van and then renters are able to book a camper van rental to take on an adventure. It's a win-win for owner and renter.
Did you know search engines cut off meta descriptions around 160 characters? 5:55PM
"The most dangerous idols are not made of material but are made of imagination or conceptual thinking." - Alan Watts"
- Alan Watts is a matter of contrast"

I spent time hanging out with Alan Watts:


This is a great conversation between Alan Watts, Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, and Gary Snyder

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