Build Log - 4-21-21

Build Log - 4-21-21

Welcome to a new day of Daniel's building in public notepad.

Good Morning 🌻

Yesterday was a pretty challenging day on my nervous system. Why? It doesn't matter. But it def made me slow down my building. I text my business partner and told him I wasn't going to be able to connect on a call until tomorrow because I was moving through some heavy emotional energy. I'm a deeply wired introvert and sometimes the tiniest subtlety makes action feel like a herculean experience. I live in the now and move with my intuition. I am grateful to have business partners that understand what it means to hold space for someone because that is what allows me to expand and transmute the energy speeding through my field. I typically know what I need, and it's generally space to let gravity, mother nature, move through me and do the work. I subscribe to Wu Wei, Doing/Non-doing.
Although it was a challenging day, it was productive. I partook in a workshop with where I learned a lot more about their product and how I can best use it to grow VLC. I did a lot of writing. I updated some meta descriptions on the simple camper website. I outlined a project where I'll be writing a book in public. Following the lead taken by Arvid Kahl, with the Embedded Entrepreneur.
I am also getting more used to coming to my site and dropping notes. I like this setup for a build in public website because it is built on-top of and I am able to make updates on my phone throughout the day as I move. It's just really friendly and high touch. I like it.

I’m just getting back from the store. I picked up a camera so I can start knocking out tutorials for simple camper and Vanlife cafe. I also picked up some headphones for my niece. She’s a future blueprint builder.
Reflection Summary of yesterday:
I don't have much to say this morning. I'm starting the day without caffeine. Trying something different. Yesterdays summary will remain in the building notes for anyone who is curious. Just scan the canvas of this page. You will see where my curiosity took me. In the afternoon I hung out with my niece. And then I had a low key evening. I saw my mom and sister and family. That's always nice.
I guess I had a little something of a summary in me after-all. Cheers!
Notes as I build:
  • Im beginning to fix the design on the VLC website. The blog page isn't very readable and now that the cafe community is ready. The website needs to be optimized and cleaned up. - 9:24 AM
    • I'm having a difficult time formatting the blog page text layout. Still iterating away from I don't know how much of an impact it's having. - 10:06 AM
    • I feel comfortable it is good for the MVP. Most of the cafe action is going to take place on the circle part of the site anyway. I am excited to put CSS into play and whit-label it so it feels like the community is soley on VLC.
    • Β 
Bookmarks from the day:
Found on Hacker News. Don't really understand much of this
More than $115 billion is currently locked in smart contracts in the Ethereum DeFi space alone
This looks like a solid tool for Twitter
Add to the queue to explore deeper:
  • Types of security vulnerabilities: reentrancy, timestamp dependency bugs, and transaction-ordering dependency bugs.