Build Log 4-20-21
Build Log 4-20-21
💚 Happy 4/20, fellow builders! I'm consuming for all the indie hackers out there today.

Lets get to building:

This morning I am scanning newsletter options. I want to start a newsletter that shares the best content I find throughout the week, regarding, crypto, building in public, and the philosophy of waking up to individual sovereignty outside of the matrix. I don't see myself using substack. I am leaning more toward ConvertKit. I am leaning toward ConvertKit because I see other indie hackers using it for their newsletters and because I know it integrates well with other services.
Ideally, this newsletter will be highly automated and more of a low-touch effort. The reason I moved my dev website (building in public site) over to (a website builder that overlays is because it is interoperable with my workflow. I use notion to write docs and host my creative workflow. It allows me to update my website on the notion mobile app and it creates a live building opportunity, for followers of my building process, to join me. Like now, I am writing this and it is posting on my website at the same time. This is super dope if you ask me.
Nice work, Noah Bragg, founder of

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